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Schuld Bushnell will help create a feed mill layout customized to your distinct needs. We can aid in the design and construction of your elevated structure. Pefect for pass through truck or rail loading. Low profile top cones are beneficial for roof access.

Chambersburg, PA

Monticello, IA

Feed Mill Bins

Goodwine, IL

Grain Elevator, Bowen IL

Mounted on an existing structure with custom ring to replace standard legs.

Otterbein, IN

Franklin, IN

Franklin, IN

Painted structure shipped to Greenview, IL

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Located in Roggen, Colorado, the 2019 mill expansion highlighted below consists of fourteen 12' x 32' and eight 9' x 30' bins for total capacity of nearly 55,000 bushels. Our LP model galvanized bins optimize roof access with low profile top cones. For this project, all support components were hot-dipped galvanized prior to assembly.

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This bin was added to an existing feed mill in Cofield, IN. Took some precision crane work to get it into place.

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Chisel Bins

Consider Schuld Bushnell chisel bins to increase product flow. The expanded hopper opening and unique cone shape allow wood, seed, grain, plastics and other materials to flow freely. Below are a few custom chisel bins.

Chisel Site 14
Chisel Site 16
Chisel Site 13

Chisel Site 3

Specialty Applications

Lime Storage and Dispersal

Snack Food Industry in York. PA

Support ring replaces legs

Stainless steel tank with special fittings

Leg extensions added to these salt storage bins to accommodate horizontal auger in Muscogee, OK