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Schuld / Bushnell smooth wall bins are available in 5' to 16' diameter with a capacity of 1 to nearly 200 tons. Visit the Sizes and Capacities page for more detail. Bins are specifically designed for feeds, bean meal, di-cal or calcium phosphate. Choose 45° or 60° hopper bins for materials weighing 40 lbs., 60 lbs., 80 lbs., or 100 lbs. per cubic foot.

Schuld smooth walls promote free flow of stored material and complete clean out. Choose from durable, rust resistant galvanized or Galvanized Plus (painted galvanized steel) material. Customize with an agitator, auger, conveying system, ladder, lid, sight glass, slide valve or any of our other accessories to create a complete feeding system for your operation.

Delivered by a member of our professional team, your fully assembled bin will arrive ready to go to work.

Feeding System
Feed storage for feeding system.
Galvanized feeding system

HP60 7x6 Bolted Bin
Galvanized Steel
6.4 Ton Capacity @ 40# per cu.ft.

Feed Bins

Iowa State University

Stanley L. Balloun Turkey

Teaching and Research Facility

Ames, Iowa


The university will utilize 4 - 4x4 and 8 - 4x8 bins in their state-of-the-art turkey research facility.

Washington, IA