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Schuld Bushnell smooth wall bulk storage bins are built to withstand the rigors of daily use for decades. Whether you are storing feed, grain, seed, malt, plastics, wood, lime, recycled materials or other bulk products, our smooth walls keep material free flowing and avoid the build-up of corrugated styles. Proud to be built in the United States from US sourced materials, our bins are working for customers across the country. Schuld Bushnell bins have been built in Bushnell, IL since 1980. Choose from galvanized, Galvanized Plus, or stainless steel finishes for storage of 1 to nearly 200 tons of material. Customize with conveyors, ladders, sight glasses, handrails, structures, etc. to meet your specific needs. Our extensive dealer network is made up of hard working companies across the country.

This site showcases bulk storage tanks built for many different industries. Ready to request a quote? Visit the Bin Sizes & Capacities page to determine what size bin you will need, consider the best finish for your application, review potential accessories, then contact a dealer for a quote and more information. If you don't find a local dealer, contact us for assistance.

Contact a dealer today to determine the best way to manage your bulk storage needs.

Feed Bins
Mills, Structures & Chisel Bins

Designed for the commercial seed industry.

Seed Bins

Brewery / Distillery Silos
Accessories & Conveyance

Specialized Delivery from Bushnell, Illinois.

Schuld Bushnell Delivery Trucks

York, PA Snack Food Industry

Wiseacre Brewing Co.
Second location coming soon to downtown Memphis, TN

2019 Light Parade Float

Roggen, CO

Great Marsh Brewing Company, Essex, Maine

Pryse Brewing
Minneapolis, MN

Obscurity Brewing & Craft Mead, Elburn, IL

Grain Elevator, Bowen IL

Mounted on an existing structure with custom ring to replace standard legs.

Chambersburg, PA

12' x 47' Galvanized Tank for the Plastics Industry

12' x 47' Galvanized Tank for the Plastics Industry

12' x 47' Galvanized Tank for the Plastics Industry

Lime Storage

Monticello, Iowa

Otterbein, IN Feed Mill

Alexis, IL Seed Pod

Franklin, IN Feed Mill

Muscogee, OK Salt Storage

Delivering Seed Bins to Astoria, IL

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